Mexico se pone de fiesta (Mexican celebration)

Three composers and nine musicians come together for an exhilarating concert


Spectacular... A tropical whirl worthy of Villa-Lobos in which the composer, at the piano, stands out as a first-rate soloist. The work’s title Le Mexique est en fête ! is most fitting for this sumptuous introduction to contemporary music.

La Lettre du Musicien, 2012


Works by Mexican composers Gabriela Ortiz and Guillermo Diego
Works by Thierry Pécou inspired by Mexico and Brazil

In this concert, the encounter of two ensembles with very distinct sound colour, both carried by the same innovating dynamism, Thierry Pécou offers his view of Mexico, through three of his works and the visit of two Mexican composers.

Evoking the five periods of the Old Mexico civilisations’ cosmogony, Soleil-Tigre, for cello and piano, is the second phase of creation of the world before it being devoured by dark night. Danzón for solo flute, engages the famous Cuban origined dance which in Mexico has become a true institution, simulating with a single voice the rhythmic polyphony which is counterpointed by a few of the interpret’s dance steps. The work in creation of Thierry Pécou for five keyboards of percussion is inspired by music for marimba from traditions of Veracruz and the Chiapas. In two long movements, the piece vacillates between a festive atmosphere and imaginary pre-Columbian traditions. Little by little, the five musicians join together on the same instrument, a reminder of big Mexican marimbas played by several musicians. In Paseo de la Reforma, the guitarist and composer Guillermo Diego uses elements of Native American music while recreating the festive atmosphere along the famous Mexico avenue. The music of Gabriela Ortiz is imbued with the energy of Mexico, its culture, its history, its geography. The talented Mexican composer, with her creation for the Percussions Claviers de Lyon and the Ensemble Variance, demonstrates her need to make her country vibrate with its exuberant colours and the confrontation of ancient myths and modern times. The concert ends by heading toward Brazil and its carnivals with Tremendum, a mini concerto for piano, percussions and instruments.



Guillermo Diego

Paseo de la reforma, orchestration by Thierry Pécou

Thierry Pécou

Soleil-Tigre for cello and piano

Thierry Pécou

Danzón for flute solo

Thierry Pécou

L’Arbre aux fleurs for 5 percussions
New commission: PCL

Gabriela Ortiz

Rios for 5 percussions, flute, saxophone, cello 
New commission: PCL/Ensemble Variances

Thierry Pécou

Tremendum for piano, flute, saxophone, cello and percussion
New version

The cast

Ensemble Variances

Thierry Pécou piano and direction 
Anne Cartel flute
Nicolas Prost saxophone
David Louwerse cello

Percussions Claviers de Lyon

PCL 5 percussionists


Co-production Adami, La Copie privée, Institut français, Odia Normandie, Ambassade de France au Mexique, ENM UNAM.



Chamber music works by Thierry Pécou, interpreted by the Ensemble Variances and the Percussions Claviers de Lyon (Harmonia Mundi, August 2012)