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Humain non humain

Digital double album by Ensemble Variances
Works by Thierry Pécou, François-Bernard Mâche and Richard Blackford (label Ohuaya Records and XXI Music, june 2021)

Part 1. Chants d'espèces
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Part 2. Grands espaces
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Ensemble Variances Discography

Les Liaisons magnétiques

Chamber music by Thierry Pécou, with Ensemble Variances, Ensemble Resonanz, Jonathan Stockhammer (AEON, 2016)

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Diapason d'or

Chamber music works by Thierry Pécou, interpreted by the Ensemble Variances and the Percussions Claviers de Lyon (Harmonia Mundi, August 2012)

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Thierry Pécou Discography

Orquoy / Changó / Marcha de la Humanidad

Diapason d'or

Orchestral Works by Thierry Pécou, with Orchestre national de France, direction Jonathan Stockhammer (Wergo, 2016)

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Symphonie du Jaguar

Diapason d'or

Works by Thierry Pécou, with Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, direction François-Xavier Roth and Jonathan Stockhammer (Harmonia Mundi, 2010)

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Passeurs d’eau, cantate amazonienne

Works by Thierry Pécou, with the duet Yaki Kandru (Intégral Classic, October 2007)



Work by Thierry Pécou, with Orchestre de Paris and Alexandre Tharaud (Aeon, October 2004)