A journey for all senses on invisible and undefinable waves



Water and the impalpable dimensions of nature form the background of this concert, while riding the waves that cannot be seen, understood or defined.

In Vox balaenae, George Crumb, the most impressionist American composer, suggests and imitates the sounds of humpback whales and their power of communication. As an echo, Ravel’s Water Games (Jeux d’eau) reminds us that water is an ever-present inspiration in the imagination of composers.
Waves are also a magnetic and energy-giving force in Manoa, a piece by Thierry Pécou which evokes Amerindian Shamanism. Here the composer calls the musicians into motion so that the sounds and the movements of the body become one. In Aus den sieben Tagen by Stockhausen, the musicians are asked to express their perception of the score in short, poetic phrases, accompanying the music with movements, in order to contribute to their mutual sympathetic resonance.

Waves is an experience in which the whole body is flooded by the sounds of piano, flute and clarinet.

Il y a des matins au bord de la mer, d’une force sereine, toutes les vagues veulent venir en même temps, mais elles restent au loin, brillance, brillance, absence.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Lettres à une musicienne, 1914


Karlheinz Stockhausen

Aus den sieben Tagen (From the Seven Days), intuitive music for diverse instruments

Thierry Pécou

Soleil-Tigre for cello and piano

Thierry Pécou

Manoa for bass-flute, bass-clarinet and cello

Maurice Ravel

Jeux d’eau (Water Games), piano solo

George Crumb

Vox balaenae for three masked players (Voice of the whale, for three masked players) for amplified flute, cello and piano

Number of people

Ensemble Variances

Anne Cartel flute
Carjez Gerretsen clarinets
David Louwerse cello
Thierry Pécou piano

Sylvie Blasco accompanying movements


Arsenal de Metz and Opéra de Rouen.

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