Transcendent / immanent

Transcendent / immanent

A million different ways to search for the light within



“Science without religion is paralysed, religion without science is blind.“

Albert Einstein

Even in this scientifc age, human beings are deep down inside still looking for something bigger than us. Whether we consider this being/power/entity/light to be transcendent or immanent, we have this longing in common, although we reach out to it in a million different ways. It does not matter whether you pray, research or meditate, take a hike in awe of the beauty of nature, dance or create sand paintings… or whether you create music or just listen to it.


In Méditation sur la fin de l’espèce Thierry Pécou uses recordings of nature sounds, in particular the fascinating songs of the whales, to sketch the fragility of human existence in comparison to the immensity of the cosmos from a scientific approach, Danse en cercle for solo timpani by Thierry Pécou follows an entirely different path: that of the circle dances of the Native American tribes. In their culture, the circle symbolises the cosmos, the creation and life itself, and the dance is a celebration of all those aspects. 

Two programme options available.


Fratres by Arvo Pärt and In Memoriam Jean-Claude Risset by Jonathan Bell.


Crucifixion (d’après Le Pérugin) by Raphaël Languillat and The Light Within by John Luther Adams.

Program, option 1

Arvo Pärt

Fratres for violin and piano

Thierry Pécou

Danse en cercle for solo timpani

Jonathan Bell

In Memoriam Jean-Claude Risset for flute, clarinet, violin and double bass (Commissioned by Ensemble Variances)

Thierry Pécou

Méditation sur la fin de l’espèce for cello solo, ensemble and pre-recorded whales sounds (Commissioned by Radio France and Wigmore Hall)

Program, option 2

John Luther Adams

The Light Within pour flûte en sol, clarinette basse, vibraphone/crotales, piano, violon, violoncelle et sons fixés

Raphaël Languillat 

Crucifixion (d’après Le Pérugin) pour flûte, clarinette, piano, percussions, violon et violoncelle 

Thierry Pécou

Danse en cercle pour timbales

Thierry Pécou

Méditation sur la fin de l’espèce pour violoncelle solo, ensemble instrumental et chants de baleines enregistrées (Commande Radio France et Wigmore Hall)

Number of people

Guest artist

solo cello

Ensemble Variances

flute, clarinet, violin, cello, electric guitar, piano/electric piano (1 musician), percussion

Whale songs

recorded by Olivier Adam, edited at Groupe de Recherche Musicale (GRM)

The Ensemble Variances receive support from Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - Drac Normandie, Région Normandie, Spedidam, Sacem, Ville de Rouen, Odia Normandie, Onda. The Ensemble Variances is member of Fevis, Futurs Composés, Bureau Export and Profedim. It is member of Groupement d'Employeurs Solstice, supported by Région Normandie. Caisse des Dépôts, main sponsor of Ensemble Variances.