... et que le soir est beau

... et que le soir est beau

Claude Debussy, A Legacy



What is the frst image that comes to mind at the word “impressionism”? Probably a painting by Claude Monet. Whether it is the garden at Giverny, the cathedral of Rouen or the impressive cliffs and the sea, they all have one thing in common: Normandy, the cradle of impressionism. Its landscape inspired painters to break free from the ties of reality, and their paintings inspired pioneers like Claude Debussy to look at his art in a new and previously unimaginable way. It was the start of a new musical development, a liberation: Debussy painted with notes, used rhythms, chords and short harmonic motives for creations that put the emphasis on musical colours, defying the structured canvas the laws of classical music dictated. His music never lost its power to trigger one’s imagination and is still a source of inspiration to contemporary composers.

... Et que le soir est beau is a tribute to  Claude Debussy. We created a picturesque voyage through the world of Debussy, combining his music with contemporary works inspired on some of the most beautiful landscapes nature has to offer and the effects of the changing light on them. For this new version of the program, Ensemble Variances invited the talented pianist Marie Vermeulin to perform Thierry Pécou's Sonata for piano.


Claude Debussy

Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune for flute, clarinet and piano, arr. Michael Webster

John Luther Adams

Nunataks (Solitary Peaks) for piano

Claude Debussy

Rapsodie for saxophone and piano

Thierry Pécou

Sonata for piano (creation)

François-Bernard Mâche

Sopiana for flute, piano and sounds fixed

Claude Debussy

Petite pièce for clarinet and piano

Thierry Pécou

Nanook Trio for clarinet, saxophone and piano

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flute, clarinet, saxophone, piano

The Ensemble Variances receive support from Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - Drac Normandie, Région Normandie, Spedidam, Sacem, Ville de Rouen, Odia Normandie, Onda. The Ensemble Variances is member of Fevis, Futurs Composés, Bureau Export and Profedim. It is member of Groupement d'Employeurs Solstice, supported by Région Normandie.