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world premiere in april 2019

April 23 and 25 at OPÉRA DE ROUEN NORMANDIE (FR)

Nahasdzáán (The Mother Earth), the much-anticipated dance-oratorio by French composer Thierry Pécou and librettist Navajo poet Laura Tohe, premieres in April 2019 at Rouen Opera. The creative partnership between Pécou and Tohe is the result of an intensive, immersive cultural dialogue with indigenous elders that began in 2016 in Arizona.
Ground breaking French choreographer Luc Petton brings his revolutionary vision of incorporating dance and live animals on stage to Nahasdzáán. Pécou’s dance-oratorio is based on the Navajo’s belief system “Hózhó”, a way of life philosophy that articulates the Navajo’s understanding of health, beauty, and harmony and their relationship with environment, family and social relationships. Laura Tohe’s libretto is built on the Sacred Stories of the Navajos Four Worlds (Thierry’s correction): Black World (Insects), Blue World (Birds), Yellow World (Spider Woman and Coyote) and White World (Present). The tales lament the destruction of the natural world by humans, and calls for affirming hope and light from native healing ceremonies.

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beyond memory

Thierry Pécou’s signature piece Beyond Memory  is on international tour again in spring : april 6 at Heidelberg music festival (DE), may 8 at Outre-Mer en Bourgogne Festival (FR) and may 16 at Brighton festival (UK).
Beyond Memory takes audience on an aural travelogue of the transatlantic slave trade of the eighteenth century. Pécou takes the audience on a voyage of rhythms, colors and themes combining  Afro-American work songs, the  Brazilian Candomble and jazz.

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